Boys Prep

Welcome to Boys Prep Elementary School!

Boys Prep Bronx Elementary School 
1695 Seward Avenue
Bronx, NY 10473

Boys Prep will open its doors to 144 kindergarten and first grade students in August 2014. Boys Prep will be the brother school to Girls Prep Lower East Side and Girls Prep Bronx. Boys Prep is Public Prep Network’s inaugural boys school. Below is a letter from Founding Principal Peter Herzberg with information about his vision for the school and directions to apply for positions at the school and to enroll your son.


Welcome to Boys Prep: A Letter to Families, Supporters, and Candidates:

I am delighted to announce that in the summer of 2014, Boys Prep Bronx Elementary School—the only all-boys public charter elementary school in the Bronx, and one of a handful in the U.S., will open its doors on Seward Avenue in the Sound View section of the Bronx. Boys Prep Bronx will be accepting approximately 120 boys by lottery entering kindergarten and first grade, then later grades in the years following.

An all-boys elementary school in the Bronx is long overdue. In the context of recent and growing attention paid to both early education and the struggles of under resourced boys in our public schools, our school will strive to provide an enriched, humane, and integrated education designed to set young boys on the path to academic and social success—laying the groundwork, ultimately, for college completion.

Boys Prep will be the fourth single-sex school in the Public Prep Network, which currently manages three all-girls public charter schools, two on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and one (the sister school to Boys Prep) in the Bronx. A new all-girls middle school is also due to open in 2014 in the Bronx as well.

Our academic program will follow many aspects of the new Common Core, in addition to integrating curriculum in a fashion that differs from many other schools.  Science, music, fitness and other activities will all have their due as central, not secondary, parts of the schedule; focus on literacy and math will not exclude, but include this other content.

In addition to the familiar, traditional skills of literacy and math problem solving, a school day may find boys exploring science through design like young engineers or tending to a garden and collecting data, learning dance through a residency with the National Dance Institute, or augmenting early reading skills through story-telling and improvisation. The core values of Boys Prep—brotherhood, merit, scholarship, and responsibility—will be woven into the texture of the day, acknowledging that the social-emotional growth of children is as important as the academic curriculum. These values cannot be tested like English Language Arts or math, but without them, boys cannot become healthy young men, nor can they thrive academically.

I am thrilled to be leading this charge. I have undertaken key leadership positions in many schools, mostly independent, and served on several boards for organizations advocating for children’s education. I will spend the 2013-14 year recruiting a carefully selected staff, studying successful models of elementary schools, meeting with interested families and organizations, and immersing myself as a Resident Principal at the Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary School.

A diverse group of classroom teachers and operational staff, passionate about children’s education and dedicated in particular to the needs of young boys, will form the backbone of this enterprise. If you are interested in this important adventure, please apply at

We want to provide families of the South Bronx and beyond a dynamic public school option and ensure that young boys have all doors open to them. Applications for the mid-April lottery will be available in early 2014 at all Public Prep schools and online at

As early as kindergarten and first grade, we intend to construct a path that will guide these boys towards successful middle school, high school, and four-year college careers. We welcome your interest!

Peter Herzberg
Founding Principal
Boys Prep Bronx Elementary School