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Curriculum Overview & Resources

At Girls Prep, our curriculum – both academic and behavioral – ensures that our scholars build strong character, demonstrate critical thinking, and possess a core body of knowledge, all of which allows them to be on a predictive path to earn a degree from a four-year university. It is equally important that families know precisely what their daughters are learning, in order to support their continued development and success inside and outside school. Take a look below to see what Girls Prep scholars are learning about today and resources that you can use to support learning at home!

Curriculum Overview archive:

Girls Prep LES Middle School Curriculum Syllabus 2012-13


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2014 State Tests

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Family resources & information

Spanish website

Educational websites

Math website

Sports Resource Guide

Parents' Guide to Student Success

NYC High School Admissions Website

NYC High School Admissions Overview

Health Behavior & Media Presentation

3 C's - Common Core & Curriculum

Reading Comprehension Handout

Physical Education Exercise Handout

Useful Websites

Reading Connections

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