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Community Council

The purpose of the Community Council is to support the faculty, staff, parents, and most especially our students at Girls Prep LES Middle School. Over the years, the Community Council has become one of the strongest voices in the educational process that directly supports our children and school. This year will be no different. Your Executive Community Council has been busy developing the details for a very productive and exciting year aimed at enhancing the educational environment for all of our students. In order to be successful, we know that the support and involvement of the families of our students, the faculty and staff at Girls Prep Middle School will be of utmost importance.


The 2013-14 Community Council Officers include:

          Nicole Julius, President

          Jennell Joseph. Vice President      

          Elicia Sambury, Treasurer

          Maylin Baucage, Assistant Treasurer

          Shirleen Heyliger, Assistant Secretary


To reach the Girls Prep Lower East SIde  Middle School Community Council, please contact: